Puerto Rico Facility is Hub for Sales, Service, Logistics


Mutchler Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Inc. has begun a territorial expansion into Central America and northern Southern American countries to provide a secure supply chain and consistent sourcing for both customers and manufacturers. Dwight Mutchler, President of Mutchler, said the company’s Cayey, Puerto Rico facilities and offices are the ideal hub for regional logistics, sales coordination, customer service and communication.


Mutchler is expanding its operations into Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru.


“Our mission is to establish one secure supply chain and be a reliable and renowned provider for customers and suppliers in these countries,” said Mutchler. “We create consistency through one viable, extremely reliable and experienced supply chain.”


He said this is especially helpful to global customers with locations throughout Latin America.


“We aim to offer companies uniform pricing, creating leverage and consistency for customers with multiple sites,” said Mutchler.  “In addition, we offer Latin American companies a wealth of sourcing resources they might not otherwise have.”  Regional warehousing services will be located near customers in individual countries to maximize efficiencies for local stock and supply.


For suppliers, Mutchler creates connectivity by offering one consistent point of sale, logistical coordination and reporting with the style and know-how of the key markets. “True marketing and proactive selling into Pharma require a long-term and targeted focus that searches out opportunities in R&D and production alike. We believe we can bring suppliers this value in Latin America”, says Mutchler.


Mutchler provides a complete range of pharmaceutical excipients and other specialty ingredients to the pharmaceutical industry, and serves only the pharmaceutical industry.


“Since we specialize in pharma, we have the opportunity and expertise to make proactive sales, based on customers’ particular needs and the optimal ingredients,” said Mutchler.  What’s more, Mutchler Added Value Services for excipients build efficiencies into the supply chain. The Added Value Services include sampling, release testing, repacking, weighing and other specialty requests, all of which make Mutchler customers more cost-effective and competitive.


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