Dear Valued Customers and Suppliers,


It is with great pleasure and much excitement that I inform you of the formal alliance between Mutchler Inc. and IMCD Pharma in the US and Puerto Rico markets. This alliance is the foundation of Mutchler Inc.’s  future  added‐value  and  growth  for  our  customers  and  world‐class  suppliers.  Effective  July  01,  2016, IMCD has acquired 100% of Mutchler Inc. USA and Mutchler of Puerto Rico, Inc. to create the strongest  distribution  consortium  of  specialty  pharmaceutical  excipients  and  ingredients  in  North  America. This alliance immediately propels Mutchler Inc. into the future with a larger and more specialized  team,  added  technical  knowhow,  specialty  packing  services  and  a  future  applications  laboratory for both customers and suppliers alike. We look forward to meeting with you in the coming weeks  to  discuss  our  new  value  strategy  and  expanded  market  connectivity.  We  will  remain  pharma  focused building on our expertise and quality driven supply chain.


Mutchler  Inc.  Pharmaceutical  Ingredients  will  continue  to  operate  under  the  same  name  and  management teams within our current offices located in Harrington Park, New Jersey and Cidra, Puerto Rico. I, Dwight Mutchler, am committed long‐term and will continue as the President of the companies and Paul Fox as the National Director of Operations with direct responsibilities over our existing group of managers and employees. Business operations and protocols will continue as normal with no changes. Added  efficiencies  will  be  implemented  as  our  new  value‐added  strategy  unfolds  over  the  coming  months.


IMCD Pharma is part of the IMCD Group BV with headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Holland). IMCD’s  Specialty  Pharma  group  is  a  global  leader  in  the  pharmaceutical  ingredient  market  and  is  especially predominant across Europe and the Asia Pacific with a growing presence in Latin America and now,  with  Mutchler  Inc.,  in  North  and  Central  America.  IMCD  Pharma  is  renowned  for  bringing  formulation expertise, innovation and product efficiency to their pharma customers and supplier partners around the world.


We look forward to a growing future with all of you,


Dwight Mutchler


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