Topical & Dermal Delivery

Topical pharmaceuticals and associated products must not only delivery the medication required for therapeutic effect, it must also deliver an acceptable, if not pleasing, sensory experience for the user that enhances compliance. IMCD Pharma offers a variety of topical excipients including carriers that enhance penetration of poorly absorbed API to excipients that enhance skin feel and user experience.


Here are some of the excipients IMCD Pharma offers for topical applications:



  • Captex Triglycerides – emollients, penetration enhancers, solubilizers and viscosity modifiers



  • Kolliwax – Fatty Acids, Fatty Alcohols and, Glycerides
  • Kollicream – Emollients
  • Kolliphor – Ionic and Non-ionic Emulsifiers
  • Kollisolv – Solvents



  • AEROSIL Pharma, Colloidal Silicon Dioxide



  • Carbopol and Pemulen – Rheology Modification



  • Surfhope Highly Refined Sucrose Fatty Acid Esters – Non-ionic emulsifiers