ABITEC Corporation develops and produces lipid-based, bio-enhanced excipient products and technology derived from natural materials.  In business for more than 50 years, ABITEC produces pharmaceutical grade excipients in cGMP- and ISO-certified facilities in the United States.  ABITEC offers a broad profile of bioavailability enhancement excipients for poorly water soluble compounds.  These include: CAPTEX® solubilizers, CAPMUL® solubilizer / emulsifiers and ACCONON® non-ionic surfactants.  STEROTEX® excipients enhance delayed release drug delivery, protect API through moisture barrier performance and improve tablet production as lubricants. The company works with pharmaceutical formulators to apply ABITEC excipients in oral capsules, tablets, transdermal and parenteral dosage forms.


CAPTEX®CAPMUL®, ACCONON®, STEROTEX® and HYDRO-KOTE® are registered trademarks of ABITEC Corporation.