Peter Greven GmbH & Co. KG produces premium grade pharmaceutical excipients characterized by high quality, purity and efficiency. Peter Greven’s LIGAMED® brand of magnesium stearate encompasses high-quality additives specially tailored to the pharmaceutical industry requirements. LIGAMED magnesium stearate meets multi-compendia pharmaceutical specifications and complies with all GMP regulations & food guidelines, including Orthodox Union Kosher and Halal certifications. The company dedicated its Venlo, Netherlands plant to manufacturing vegetable-based stearates.


Established in 1923 as a family-owned company, Peter Greven produces oleochemical additives as metallic soaps, ester lubricants, alkaline soaps, fatty acids and glycerine type products. Peter Greven offers a broad product portfolio for many different industries and delivers to customers in more than 85 countries worldwide.


LIGAMED® is a registered trademark of Peter Greven GmbH & Co. KG.